… Because we are the BEST …

At Enovise, we emphasize individual talents, team work, and processes to keep it all properly framed and focus on security. Our team is highly skilled professionals who are passionate about information security. We let them live their passion while helping secure business transactions. Every day, they create or discover hundreds of ways that can be used to breach what was traditionally secured. This is why our security research hub is equal to none.

We do not build equipment, nor do we sell systems. We do write software codes and testing scripts. More importantly, we test anything that responds to IP packets. For, our goal is to ensure that our clients network is impenetrable with unauthorized IP packets.

Here is our promise to our clients:

Undetected Breach: Gone.

A breach is inevitable, so the sooner we know exactly when, where and how it is happening is critical. With traditional monitoring methods many silos and gaps exist, allowing breaches to inflict damage for months before being discovered. With our Security Angel Oversight (SAO), clients are notified as soon as an exploit can be used to penetrate their network. At Enovise, we do NOT only rely on systems and tools, we have real talented humans overseeing your network from outside.

Your Business and Assets: Protected.

When breaches are detected, organizations struggle to know exactly what has been taken place and how to make sure it has been stopped. The first few days can be chaotic with everyone being suspicious of everyone. Your company credibility is on the line and your business reputation and survival is at risk. Enovise expertise can be critical during those times. We will stand with you to ensure you have the full and detailed accounting of everything. That is the Enovise protection.

Let us be your information security partner.