Jighi Enovise Security Program (JESP)

JESP is a co-located service division which combines services from JIGHI and ENOVISE.

JESP team members are the best from both entities. JESP is well-known for employing a diverse and deep bench of cyber talents. We’ve brought in highly experienced professionals and best of breed engineers and paired them with executives Jighi and Enovise.

  • JESP is composed of 3 teams (Network Infrastructure, IT & Web Applications, and Pen Testers from Enovise) from 3 different countries
  • JESP works are highly confidential and the various team members do not know each other
  • JESP engineers constantly update their skills with new threats and new exploits. They use these talents to try test clients networks and IT systems.
  • Jighi Active Monitoring Services (JAMS) is operated under JESP. It provides 24/7 monitoring from Europe, India and Africa. The JAMS team is your Angel guardian, providing not only protection while you go about your business but also solutions and remediation’s to weak security apparatus.

Security Operations Center Consultancy:

JESP has designed, build, and trained IT security professional to operate Security Operations centers. Our design emphasize end-to-end monitoring which is usually accompanied by human oversight services such as SAO service or the JAMS service.

Security Operations Center Development:
  • Independent SOC Assessment
  • IDS/IPS Evaluation
  • WAF Deployment
  • Log Management
  • Incidence Response action plan

To provide this service, Enovise combined forces with Jighi.Both have a solid background stretching back many years, building many Security Operations Centers for clients. For clients who wish to outsource, we have established extremely robust facilities in Europe, Africa and United States. For those clients who wish to keep control in house, we assist them in every phase of the deployment of operation.

Many of our clients network have varied and evolved considerably from less than 100 users to over 200,000. If you already have a SOC in place, either in house, or as a managed service, we offer you an independent consulting service to augment your capabilities both procedural and technical.

SIEM (Security Information, Event Management and Log Management)

JESP has partnered with the best SIEM technology providers. As part of our Security Operations Center service, we offer clients a choice of SIEM tool.

SIEM technologies provide real-time monitoring, historical reporting and management of security events and incidents from networks, systems and applications. Implementation of SIEM technology and Log Management enables customers to improve security operations by delivering better threat and incident management and improving regulatory compliance reporting.