WannaCry/WannaCryptor RANSOMWARE

Checklist to help you improve your security and prevent against Ransomware attacks;

  • Take regular backups
  • Manage access controls
  • Implement application controls
  • Categorise and separate data
  • Disable macro script from office files received via email
  • Make sure you are running a robust security solution
  • Keep the software on all endpoints up to date
  • Train your employees
  • Limit the use of browser plugins
  • Perform periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Enovise Services

At Enovise, we provide both managed and customized security services that protect companies from damaging breaches. Most of our services are customized for the client and its needs. They cover:

  • Vulnerability to exploits
  • External Active Monitoring (JAMS)
  • Database Risk Assessment
  • Web Application Risk Assessment
  • Response and remediation to breaches
  • Cyber Forensic after an intrusion or a breach
  • Customized defensive and Offensive Training
  • Application Security Incident Response
  • Security Assessment of IT Infrastructure
  • Managed Security services
  • Security Advisory Services
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Intrusion detection

Security Angel Oversight (SAO)

Security Angel Oversight is a managed security service that provides 24/7 external oversight of your domains and networks. Since hundreds of zero-day bugs and exploits are discovered every day, no network is safe forever. That is why Enovise SAO will constantly check your defense against the latest exploits. Protection is 24/7 with periodic intrusion attempts.

Jighi Active Monitoring Service (JAMS)

Just like Security Angel Oversight (SAO), Jighi Active Monitoring Service (JAMS) is a managed security service that provides 24/7 external and sometimes internal oversight of your IT and network assets. JAMS is collaboration between infrastructure team, IT application team and Pen testing team. These are separate teams located in separate countries but all working to ensure your continuous protection.

– Against any aggression toward your assets –

Cyber Forensic Investigation (CFI)

This investigation analyzes access patterns and content rules during an incident or a possible data breach.

  • CFI capability is now as essential component of all organizations who store customer or other valuable data as part of their business.
  • Risk of your network being hacked by Individual or by presence of Malware within or outside your organization is increasing.

Enovise security experts usually perform detailed cyber forensic investigation after organizations become aware of a breach of security. In 2016, we performed 167 CFI for Banks, Telecoms, and some Governments around the world.

Security Audit and Testing (SAT)

Ninety percent of the time, Our Security Health Assessment (SHA) report enlightens the client by revealing security vulnerabilities that were unknown to its organization. That is why most of our engagements, including the SAT, start with an a Security Health Analysis (SHA) which includes:
  • Global Vulnerability to Social Engineering
  • Global vulnerability to known exploits
  • Global exposure to zero-day bugs
  • Dark Web pattern analysis for chatter about your assets

Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Solutions (CFRMS)

Our talented engineers and analysts have partnered with world-leading cyber fraud and risk management technology providers so that we are equipped with best technology to help our customers. This allows us to offer the following turn-key technologies to our clients:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Tools and Systems
  • Mobile and web Fraud Tools, Software and Systems
  • Insider Fraud Monitoring and Systems
  • Payment Fraud Process, Software and Systems

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

To meet security certification needs, companies rely on Enovise to assist in ensuring their compliance with government and regulators text. Enovise Compliance (EC) department provides security advisory and consultancy services to clients and help them generate compliance report to evaluate the current posture of your security controls. The compliance include PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, Data Protection Act, ISO, and SOC2.


Enovise Research Hub (ERH) is a robust generator of zero-day exploits, vulnerability assessment of systems and their security gaps. ERH is also an incubator of security talents. We have used innovative creation of high schoolers to detect exploits overlooked by professionals. Security innovative solutions and the organic building of expertise combine symbiotically to help us effectively respond to our client’s needs and requirements. Our research covers the following areas amongst others:
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Secure Mobile Payment System
  • Zero-day exploit research
  • Database of exploits and security bugs
  • Database Risk Assessment Analysis


Because our research hub is a generator of many new methods, we try to combine those with best and accepted standards to provide customized training classes for some of our clients such as Government Intelligence Organization, Cyber Defense Unit, Offensive Cyber Professional and Corporate IT Security Professionals.

We are certain we can help you. Contact us for a Security Health Assessment (SHA).

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