Incident Response Assistance


Do you need immediate assistance for a possible incident or security breach? You’re in the right place.

Reduce Incident Response Time and Minimise the Impact of a security Incident

Our Elite unit is composed of seasoned security professionals with hands-on experience and expertise handling complex cyber incidents that will help you respond to and mitigate incidents efficiently and effectively if you have been breached.

Crisis Management and Communication

Crisis Management is the next stage on from incident management and can deem a business inoperable with catastrophic consequences. As with incident management, teams need to be focused on a quick and effective resolution. Response, recovery, and reporting are crucial when it comes to effectively handling incident and crises.

Our elite team of incident responders have years of experience advising clients around the world on incident related- communication as well as public relations and disclosure related issues.

Breached Incident Response Retainer

Retain Enovise elite unit of incident response experts with various SLA options to enable faster and more efficient and effective response to cyber incidents.

Have you experienced a breach?

Get immediate incident response assistance

Call: +254 (02) 515 4097 (KE) • +250 787 856 970 (RW) • +44 7810 402477 (UK) • +267 76 407 313 (BW)