Threat Intelligence Services

Threat intelligence is the cornerstone of a mature cybersecurity plan


Staying abreast of the emerging threats and knowing where and when your adversaries are about to strike is a crucial aspect in building your organization’s cyber defenses and response capabilities


Stay ahead of the attackers with actionable threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence Services

We offers actionable intelligence to organizations and governments across the world to respond to cyber threats. Our custom threat intelligence platform combs both the dark web and the clear web monitoring and tracking any potential threats to both Critical national infrastructure, financial systems.

Enovise Threat Intelligence services helps your organization:

  • Access Swift incident response whenever there is a breach or security targeted cyber attack
  • Access Practical and Hands on remediation support to prevent against future incidents
  • Work with an experienced team of incident responders, experienced digital forensics professionals and litigation experts


Common Types of Incidents

Access to actionable intelligence

This helps your security team to make informed decision and improve your defenses by understanding the identity, targets and techniques of the threat actors.

Risk Reduction and efficient Risk Management

with actionable intelligence, your organization is able to have a robust risk management process that allow you to focus on highest risks first.

Improved Detection and Response

Access to the threat actor indicators, tactics and behaviors helps your security and ensure efficiency by reducing alert fatigue and quickly surface malicious targeted attacks.


Threatmap & Intelligence Reports

We collect, analyzes and correlate live threat intelligence from our honeypot infrastructure with hundreds of sensors deployed in different countries across Africa and other parts of the world. The attacks shown on the map are based on only a small subset of live flows against our infrastructure demonstrating live actual attacks by the different cyber threat actors.

Our team of researchers at Enovise Threat Labs produce annual report on the African threat landscape. The reports are shared with the different stakeholders to help in decision making and protecting of the critical national infrastructure across the African continent.

Enovise Threat Map

Stay ahead of threat actors

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