Managed Detection and Response (MDR)


MDR is an evolution of the standard Security Operation Centre (SOC). It is adaptive and comports innovative technologies, M algorithms assisted with expert human analysis to rapidly hunt and contain known and unknown threats 24/7/365


How prepared is your organization against advanced targeted cyber attacks?

MDR is delivered from our central elite Rapid Incident Response and Command Center and helps address significant problems that plague modern businesses. Your organization does not have to worry anymore about the lack of security skills within the organization and setting up a fully dedicated security team that can be cost-intensive.

Targeted attacks are very different than last generation’s most common cyber-attacks. With targeted attacks, cybercriminals spend a greater amount of time exploring sophisticated attack methods to carry out long-term large-impact breaches.

New malware and fresh attacker TTPs also go undetected by traditional monitoring systems. Today, as the volume and sophistication of these new cyber threats grows, every organization must ask, “Does my SOC (Security Operation Centre) detect and respond to targeted and unknown attacks?”

Enovise’s MDR services allow your organization to:

  • Access unparalleled security intelligence and situational awareness across your security posture
  • Access Swift Incident response capabilities and the opportunity to work with our team of battle-tested experienced security experts
  • Gain insights into the potential attackers’ targets and attack vectors and address them before you fall a victim

Rapid Incident Response & Command Centre

Managed Detection and Response services are centrally coordinated from our Rapid Incident Response and Command Centre that is composed of a team of experts with a range of expertise as follows:

Threat Identification Team

First responders who monitor the service, hunt for threats and maintain contact with the clients.

Incident Responders

Tackle complex cases that clients are unable to handle on their own, usually assist clients on-site.

Forensics Experts

Specialized in the most difficult cases, even the most complicated nation state-originated attacks.



MDR services are delivered using our own set of tools and technologies and many other home grown modules. The tools are configured to guard Internet gateways and endpoints. They can also detect threats that have passed traditional perimeter security tools. Our methods and techniques vary depending on the customer’s environment, needs and the threat landscape. The key capabilities are as follows:

360 Degrees Visibility

MDR provides 24x7x365 monitoring with full spectrum visibility across on-premises, cloud and hybrid IT environments.

Incident Response and Forensics

MDR incident response and digital forensics capabilities accelerates precision and speed, facilitating rapid tactical threat containment.

Remediation & Infrastructure Hardening

The content of the information is studied for key topics, people and timelines critical to the case.

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