Security Strategy, Governance, Risk and Compliance

Modern organizations are faced with constant Information technology risks. These can be either data breaches, skills shortage, compliance to Data protection and Privacy laws and regulations


Do you assess, reduce and manage your technology risks?

Security Strategy, Governance, Risk and Compliance

Ourteam is composed of experienced seasoned professionals that are available to help your organization with your cyber security strategy, Governance and Compliance needs. We have a vast experience helping organizations across the world to comply with   IT Security and Governance frameworks and standards such as NIST, ISO 27001, COBIT, EU GDPR and ITIL etc.

Our experts at Enovise Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance help your organization implement an improved approach to assessing, reducing and managing security risks and compliance.

Assess Information Security (IT) security risk

We help you assess and quantify the IT security risks you face by describing and managing security risks in the context of your business

Reduce Information Technology (IT) security risk

We work with you to develop and implement security strategies and roadmaps to reduce the risks that have been assessed, in the areas of fraud, waste, abuse, and corporate compliance.

Manage Information Technology (IT) security risk

We help you build and manage your risk programs and provide insight, reporting and ongoing status of risks.

Ready to manage and reduce your Security Risk?

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