Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing


Enovise Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing helps your organization to identify the known and unknown vulnerabilities before they are exploited by the threat actors.


Let us hack you before the bad guys do!

Our penetration testing and vulnerability Assessment Methodology is based on internationally accepted standards.

Vulnerability analysis, also known as vulnerability assessment, is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security vulnerabilities in a computer, network, or infrastructure. However, Penetration Testing is a more intrusive assessment which simulates an attack by a malicious hacker.

Our team of experienced security experts simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures of real world malicious attackers targeting your critical information assets.

  • Discover loopholes in your critical information systems and address security vulnerabilities in your applications
  • Gain insights into the potential attackers’ targets and attack vectors and address them before you fall a victim
  • Evaluate and quantify the risks and impact associated with your critical information assets

Key Modules

The key modules to the Vulnerabilities assessment and penetration testing services provided by Enovise are as follows:

Social Engineering Assessment

The aim of this Module is to assess the human vulnerabilities and identify the information security risks associated to the people and weaknesses in organizational processes.

Web Application Security Assessment

The aim of this Assessment Module is to demonstrate the existence or absence of vulnerabilities in a given Web application providing internal or client facing services.

Wireless technology and Mobile Security Assessment

The aim of this Module is to demonstrate the existence or absence of vulnerabilities that are visible and exploitable through wireless networks and mobile devices both externally and internally.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing is an authorized simulated cyber-attack against a system that is hosted on a Cloud provider, e.g. Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. The main goal of a cloud penetration test is to find the weaknesses and strengths of a system, so that its security posture can be accurately assessed.

Embedded Device and Internet of Things (IoT) Assessments

The complexity of IoT and embedded devices results in a massive attack surface. Couple that with evolving security knowledge from device manufacturers and you have a high-risk environment ripe for exploit. Our IoT security testing is a methodical review of security threats and attack surface of connected devices to ensure secure implementation of IoT software and firmware.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Testing your infrastructure is a critical step in securing network architecture and in ensuring that systems are deployed in a way that enhances the security of your employees, customers and the resources owned by your organization. A secure network infrastructure is vital for your cyber security. It is therefore advisable to have your network security assessed on a regular basis. With network infrastructure penetration testing, we investigate your network security by assessing whether it can be breached and helping you address and secure any identified vulnerabilities.



Planning & Scoping

Depending on your needs, we establish the required scope of the assessment and come up with an action plan

Data Collection

Next, we collect all necessary data and request access to any required documentation

Vulnerability Assessment

Then we put your systems to the test with fast, efficient, and accurate scanning

Penetration Testing

After assessing your systems’ vulnerabilities, we conduct a penetration testing to exploit the detected vulnerabilities


Upon completion of the assessment and determination of the threats to your critical information systems, we document these and explain them to you in clear terms

Mitigation & Risk Management

Then, we put in place a threat mitigation and risk management plan to help you minimize your risk

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